The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

57 supposed to. I accessed the challenges from a Windows 10 PC using the Edge browser and experienced zero issues.” How is Microsoft technology utilised in IT Pro Challenges? IT Pro Challenges rely on a combination of Azure Functions and Azure Container Service to score in real time, as users complete labs. For cloud slice labs, this scoring can be run in as lit- tle as a few seconds. For virtual machine-based labs, containers allow a local data centre instance of the scoring engine to be spun up when needed, conduct any scoring activities required, and shut down when completed. These technol- ogies allow us to iterate quickly as we update the scoring engine to account for new technologies and techniques. Can we expect further innovations from Learn on Demand Systems soon? Yes, scoring a single learners lab is one thing. Scoring a team is another. We are working towards scenarios in which a group can partici- pate in a shared experience, perhaps playing dif- ferent roles, or performing parts of a larger goal, and providing environmental and role-specific scoring and evaluation. This would allow us to score how your team performed on a task, as well as your overall contribution to the task and your contribution to the team. We are also look- ing towards using the Microsoft Azure container service to provide increased scale and support for isolated execution environments for scoring, allowing different scoring tasks to be written in the preferred language of the author, and not dictated by the platform.