The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

61 respondentsmanaged to achieve all their expected cloud benefits. Almost 90% of the organisations surveyed believe they could benefit more from the cloud if they could tackle mass data fragmen- tation. This is where Cohesity comes in. “At Cohesity we have created a solution to help customers consolidate infrastructure silos,” says Ko. “CohesityDataPlatform is a software-defined solution than runs on multiple cloud providers and on-premises. As a unified software defined platform, it provides users with a single view of all their data across all locations and all different types of workloads.” “It supports a huge range of workloads; from traditional Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server to VMware and virtualised workloads, and legacy Oracle-type workloads to more modern workloads like NoSQL, containers, and Kubernetes,” he adds. “All those are typically siloed but we are consolidating this infrastruc- ture into one place, making it much easier to manage and extract value from your data.” Cohesity DataPlatform can benefit customers at two levels. “The major, low hanging fruit is to modern- ise your back-up infrastructure and reduce the number of data copies,” says Ko. “With our capabilities, you have a single platform across clouds, on-premises and the edge for back-up and data management that can help you reduce the excessive number of data copies down to just two or three, keeping a couple for security. This provides customers with automatic savings in infrastructure costs, storage costs and data transfer costs.” Data transfer is a whole issue in itself. “When you get to the cloud and edge world, data trans- fer becomes more and more expensive,” he says. “As the data grows, the process of copying it and moving it around becomes more expensive and slower. By getting rid of unnecessary copies, companies can mitigate this issue.” “The second level of benefits is helping cus- tomers to reach the next level of innovation,” he adds. “Using the platform, customers can move their legacy data onto the cloud where it can be used by cloud-native apps, test/development, or can be analysed for insights. This is not happen- ing today because that data is siloed. By having your infrastructure consolidated, you’re going to be able to innovate faster. Our goal is to ensure customers have the right data in the right place at the right time.” Read the full report at: