The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

88 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om P ROF I L ED : A LT I TUDE 3 6 5 A Microsoft cloud service provider (CSP), Swedish cloud-oriented IT services com- pany Altitude 365 realised how crucial an automation solution was for the prosperity and continuity of its business. The search for a solution was brought into focus by increasing demands from customers to migrate from on-premises software to the cloud. They wanted to shift from the tradi- tional licensing programme to the Microsoft CSP programme, a move that would increase the volume of sales for online services and Microsoft Azure. As a highly flexible and sophisticated player, Altitude’s main challenge was to find a trusted, user-friendly solution to facilitate its cloud business. The primary focus was to find a sys- tem that could replace the manual processes of ordering and invoicing through Microsoft’s invoicing systems, third parties and emails; things the company found to be time consum- ing and inefficient. After evaluating most CSP platforms Altitude chose to help it begin its CSP automation journey. Manually supporting a cloud business involves considerable expertise and effort. As such, the Altitude team was expe- rienced enough to have a clear view of its own expectations for an automation solution. The customer success department worked closely with the team to configure the platform in a way that would provide a seamless experience to both customers and staff. inter- was able to meet Altitude’s demand- ing requirements and specific expectations. As a result, the whole process was completed within Altitude’s strategically designed timeframe. By selecting and implementing a solution based on the platform, Altitude has boosted sales of its managed ser- vices on a first-rate marketplace, while also benefitting from advanced billing flexibility and seamless provisioning automation for its customers. Existing Microsoft CSP custom- ers were migrated easily to the new platform, where they benefit from a fast, self-service provisioning facility, and invoicing can now be done immediately. Only a few months after implementing the solution – and with a brand new marketplace – Altitude 365 was able to generate an impressive pipeline through its onboarding of new customers on the CSP programme. It had accomplished its initial objective of simplifying the consumption of Microsoft cloud services and managed to pro- vision over 20,000 seats. Most importantly, it simplified its invoicing procedures using the powerful billing engine to easily create, bill and provision cloud products and services. is helping Altitude 365 to boost customer prospects and slash administration costs with its CSP automation platform Reaching new heights Altitude 365 used’s platform to replace the manual, time- consuming and inefficient processes of ordering and invoicing, for more than 20,000 seats