The Record - Issue 14: Autumn 2019

E Y E B ROW 32 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om T ext text Standfirst... BY AUTHOR S NAME . . . Header... any size, weight etc. A ccording to analyst firm IDC, 85% of enterprise decision makers say they need to make significant inroads into digital transformation in the next two years in order to avoid falling behind their competitors and suf- fering financially. “Today’s business leaders are facing seismic shifts thanks to the rise of the digital economy,” says Jessica Goepfert, research vice president at IDC. “Navigating this shift successfully will require equally expansive changes to how they approach technology.” At a time when communication across all lev- els is key, old ways of thinking and doing busi- ness will no longer suffice. “Businesses need to rethink their business models,” says Craig Simpson, IDC research manager. “The challenge is taking the risk to invent new business models within industries.” While many think of digital transformation as a technology issue, Toby Richards, Microsoft’s general manager of partner go-to-market believes that it’s more of a people issue. “Whether a pro- ject will impact a worker on the factory floor or someone in the accounting department, you need to first understand what those people are experiencing day-to-day to create and maintain the best solution to help them,” he explains. “The businesses we see being most successful with digital transformation are the ones that understand the imperative to support and listen to their people to create the value their organi- sation seeks.” This means leadership needs to have a line into workers, and also workers need a line into leadership. “Fostering that feedback loop is a major part of any digital transformation project,” says Richards. “As this relates to partners, we’ve BY L I ND S AY J AME S the charg With tools such as Microsoft Teams underpinned by solutions including the Azure Clou , Dynamics and the Power Platform, Microsoft and its partners are ensuring that pioneering enterprises can stay at the cutting edge of business Leading COV E R S TOR Y