The Record - Issue 14: Autumn 2019

85 technology so the payment can be taken auto- matically and the whole purchase process is completed within seconds. Customers instantly receive an SMS message with all the informa- tion related to their gas purchase and auto- matically earn loyalty points that can be used with future purchases. The keychain system provides a highly safe and easy way to make gas purchases, which means it appeals to customers who are always looking for ways to make their transactions faster and more secure. As many customers’ lives are increasingly centred around their smartphones, the fuel-oil distribution company has also developed a new mobile application by implementing VeriPark’s omnichannel delivery solution VeriChannel. Customers can drive to a gas station and make their payments quickly and safely through the mobile app without having to leave their cars, which means they can get back on the road immediately after filling up. In addition, they can use the app to find the nearest gas stations, see current fuel prices, track their previous purchases and view the loyalty points they have earned. Drivers are often in a hurry and any gas sta- tion that provides a fast, easy and convenient way to purchase gas will be the first place they will go. Thanks to VeriPark’s technologies, the fuel-oil distribution company now has a truly competitive edge in an industry where payment convenience is paramount for customer gratifi- cation and loyalty. In addition, VeriPark’s tech- nologies have enabled the company to become more productive, map out the individual cus- tomer movements and decrease cycle times. Together, we have created compelling experi- ences for drivers during their routine stops at the pump. Asli Derbent Ozkan is general manager of VeriPark Turkey  F I NANC I A L S E R V I C E S “Any gas station that provides a fast, easy and convenient way to purchase gas will be the first place drivers go”