The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

101 Delegates at the ‘partnerships’ sessions will hear why powerful partnerships continue to dominate retailers’ strategies as brands join forces to maximise their reach, or team up with unexpected players from adjacent industries to capitalise on their differing consumer expertise to elevate retail experiences and drive sales. In our ‘Customer Experience’ sessions, we’ll show- case why retailers need to engage consumers in unique and meaningful ways. As part of the ‘tal- ent’ pillar, we’ll highlight the talent development and acquisition strategies that will help retailers to transform how their teams operate in the dig- ital world. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, our ‘purpose’ sessions will discuss how retailers can boost their authenticity by going beyond simple transactions to prioritise corporate social responsibility and sustainability to emotionally connect with customers. How do you think the retail sector will evolve in 2020 and beyond? The retail industry is transforming to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour. It’s no longer just a matter of digital and e-commerce versus bricks and mortar; instead, retailers must evolve their operating model to meet consumers wher- ever they want to be met. This could be in physi- cal stores, online, via social media or augmented and virtual reality. Modern retail aligns this phil- osophical transition across all touchpoints – from initial customer outreach to supply chain, the store and delivery. That’s why we’ve grouped our topics, speakers and brands into the six vision- ary pillars that the sector is evolving towards in 2020 and beyond. In 2020, NRF sees retail going through a sustained (r)evolution with innovative technology adoption, inventive business models and a new wave of consumer demand.  R E TA I L & HOS P I TA L I T Y Are you a retailer that wants to build your own POS, commerce and digital experiences? We’ll be showcasing how retailers can take control of their commerce strategies with the first headless retail-as-a-service platform for all commerce and customer engagement – including the complexities of store operations. The platform is designed to empower retailers to take control and quickly build what their business needs. It also helps retailers to eliminate the burden of legacy systems and reduce regret spend, while making customers the centre of their digital engagement. Lexy Johnson, chief marketing officer at OneView Commerce In the age of connected commerce, retailers need to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to their customers no matter where they are, what they’re doing or what device they’re using. At NRF 2020, Tecsys will be showcasing how retailers can empower store associates with technology tools to manage store fulfilment of online orders. Inventory information and order view details are all accessible through an easy-to-use application available on all form factors. Our borderless approach to supply chain transformation enables retailers to achieve their brand aspirations. Tecsys offers flexible and scalable technology solutions that make warehouses efficient, inventory visible, order fulfilment routes faster, shipping costs lower and returns easier. Sarah McMullin, director of product – retail at Tecsys OneView Commerce Booth 3673 Tecsys Booth 744_level one