The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

103 allows them to continuously iterate on customer expectations using predictive analytics, machine learning and more. Meanwhile, retailers using legacy systems are forced to repetitively modify one-dimensional interaction points. The RaaS platform approach makes critical, commoditised store and commerce functions available as microservices on a cloud-native architecture, eliminating the complexity and duplicate development efforts that make it challenging to execute omnichannel retail. The platform puts retailers in full control of how they build, test, learn and deploy innovative digital experiences at scale. Plus, it gives them the tools and capabilities to build an application once and deploy it everywhere, without needing to rebuild back-end commerce functionality. In addition to paving the way to frictionless customer journeys with a channel-agnostic com- merce engine, RaaS offers scalability and reliabil- ity for the high-volume transaction processing that is inherent in cloud-native architecture. The retailer’s control over experience development in the store and at every touchpoint supports rapid, purposeful transformation to facilitate its stra- tegic growth initiatives and provide meaningful competitive differentiation. Staying relevant requires retailers to proac- tively and continuously reinvent and innovate to strengthen the connection between custom- ers and their brand. Amazon returns at Kohl’s, Kroger pick-ups at Walgreens, and full-service banking at Australia Post are a few noteworthy examples of alignments that are enhancing the customer experience by extending the reach of valuable services and removing friction from omnichannel journeys. Headless RaaS brings this level of empowerment under retailer control so they can target their efforts to create disruptive, impactful experiences, rather than commoditised commerce functions that don’t differentiate or deliver value. Linda Palanza is CEO of OneView Commerce  R E TA I L & HOS P I TA L I T Y