The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

55 I NT E R V I EW What is Veeam’s role in the field of data protection? Veeam started in the on-premises sector, devel- oping the next-generation data centre from a vir- tualisation perspective. Since then, we’ve added support for physical workloads and expanded to the cloud. That’s been an evolution for Veeam and that’s because our customers have taken us along that journey. What’s important to us is being the stewards to their data, giving them the power and ability to not only protect but recover their data. How is Veeam different from its competitors What makes Veeam unique is we’re a true independent software vendor (ISV). We do not ship a piece of hardware. We want to really embrace our partner ecosystem, leveraging our partners such as Microsoft to bring solu- tions to market together. We do not lock you into any hardware or platform, as flexibility is a core foundational principle and value that we believe our customers want. What is your vision for the future of data management? We want to move along with our customers, in terms of modernising their infrastructure, pro- viding better support for their needs and driving their costs down. Something people have been asking for us for years is the ability to mine our backup. When Veeam is in a customer’s envi- ronment, we have all their data, a resource that you can’t put a value on. So, we’re going to give people the ability to mine that data and build solutions on top of what we have by giving them access to Veeam backup. The Veeam backup for- mat is proprietary, but we’re going to open that up to other partners who can do data classifica- tion or analytics on that data. Our strategy going forward is to continue to provide opportunities for our customers and partners to add value onto the platform overall. Broader than that is the multi-cloud journey we’re currently on, recognising that our custom- ers are asking for broad, hybrid cloud support. They’re using best of breed workloads in differ- ent places, whether that be in Microsoft Azure or their own private clouds. We’re moving along their journey, providing them with the utmost reliability and robustness. At the end of the day, we are their availability when they have an issue with their primary infrastructure, we are who they lean on. Providing that peace of mind when they need to recover their environment is and will always remain our number one priority. Ken Ringdahl, vice president of global alliance architecture at Veeam, explains how the data protection company is focusing on flexibility as it moves into a multi-cloud world The stewards of your data BY A L E X SM I TH “What makes Veeam unique is we’re a true independent software vendor”