The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

67 “We enable communications service providers (CSPs) to drive and secure their revenues in three key areas. First, we enable CSPs to improve their product innovation agility, enabling them to create new or revised product offerings quickly, in response to market needs so that selling and delivery can be automated. Second, the focus of our software and services is to digitally transform CSPs’ sales and delivery processes. Sigma advocates getting the product experience – how something is sold and ultimately delivered – optimised and digitally automated. Finally, as the world becomes more digital, it is the business-to-business enterprise market that offers significant new revenue opportunities. We encourage our customers to pay more attention to product innovation and new revenues with a catalog-driven approach for their product lines. CSPs have spent time and resources improving the experience for consumer- facing customers; the focus must now be on the B2B enterprise market to automate and drive revenue in the future.” Simon Muderack President of communications division at Hansen “It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all model. Through our MediaFirst TV Platform, we are enabling telco firms to understand their individual choices. MediaFirst is built upon an analytics and data driven subsystem which provides a high degree of personalisation and recommendation. Telcos have access to highly advanced insights into user behaviour, so personalisation initiatives are better geared towards future consumption needs. This opens up new monetisation potential and opportunities for consumers to receive smarter, next-generation offerings as part of a converged multiscreen experience. MediaFirst can hyper-personalise the user experience – for example, through advertising, multi-device support and aggregation of video apps – and also combine a wide range of different content and formats. We will be demonstrating the latest innovations in our MediaFirst TV Platform on the Ericsson booth during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in February 2020.” “5G is on everyone’s lips! Nokia is involved in the planning, deployment and performance optimisation of 5G networks around the globe. What is different with 5G, is the extremely diverse range of use cases that the technology will enable, including fixed wireless access, cloud gaming, connected cars, autonomous drones and factory automation. These will create a new world of opportunities for telcos, especially in the enterprise space with two trillion dollars of revenues forecast by 2028, according to Bell Labs Consulting. However, telcos cannot simply transform their operations to 5G overnight. Telcos already have multiple layers of existing network technologies in place – adding 5G on top brings additional complexity and demands from new ultra-reliable and low latency services. We understand this legacy, and with Nokia AVA and the Microsoft Azure cloud we bring the right mix of data science, telco domain know-how and cloud expertise for a successful transformation.” Damien Montessuit Regional head for the EMEA region at MediaKind Dennis Lorenzin Vice president of network cognitive services at Nokia  COMMUN I CAT I ONS & MED I A