The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

COMMUN I CAT I ONS 69 data and then presenting it in a way that’s legally useable for everyone else in the world. So, I think it’s a change that’s going to bode well for us. What emerging technology are you most excited about? Video indexing is unbelievably powerful. The risk of placing an advert in the wrong video is a signif- icant one. It’s about protecting a company’s brand. So, when I was at the Cannes Lions event, the discussion was about whether we could ingest all our content, then run a video index through it. We could then find any controversial mate- rial before clearing all the acceptable videos for advertisers. Think about how much money that would save a brand. As an example of the potential of this technol- ogy, there was a case in which a large content provider in Germany indexed its whole library, dating back to the 1930s. As it turned out, it had content of world leaders earlier in their life, making public speeches. There was a local news broadcast of Martin Luther King in 1961, a video that nobody had ever seen before. And without video indexing, it may have never been uncovered. The solutions this kind of technol- ogy drives just keep getting bigger and bigger, and at every event I attend I see people using it a little differently. “Pullquote”  COMMUN I CAT I ONS & MED I A “The solutions this kind of technology drives just keep getting bigger and bigger.” The Walt Disney Studios is aiming to move all of its processes to the Microsoft Azure cloud