The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

74 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E Alyssa Putzer Marketing communications specialist at Metafile Information Systems Shobhana Viswanathan Director of business development at Automation Anywhere, leading the Microsoft partnership Wim Geukens Managing director of VeriPark Europe “No matter how diligent a financial institution is about securing sensitive information, phishing, fraud and cyber-attacks can still happen, and they can be difficult to recover from. RPA technology paired with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps to create a defence against fraudulent behaviour to enhance security, both inside and outside the organisation, by: • Reducing back-and-forth emails, which can easily fall into the wrong hands. RPA fixes the lack of security associated with emails by sending documents to the proper approver based on unique business rules. • Automating rules to prevent social engineering. RPA’s built-in rules run independently and automatically, securing the way the company processes, routes and stores information without the need for human intervention. • Keeping a detailed audit trail so businesses can track who accessed information, when, and what they did with it. This is essential for financial and wealth management institutions’ security as they can monitor and set rules regarding who has access to information, and what kind of access each person has. • Integrating tightly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP so data can be routed to the ERP and searched and accessed for reference.” “Security is ingrained within every aspect of the Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Platform, spanning security of data, credentials, and ability to enforce fine-grained role-based access control at scale. For example, our RPA platform can simplify security processes by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Active Directory (AD) – on the process side it provides secure authentication and authorisation to users, and on the logical side it can bring together multiple components for administrators to regulate access. This is of interest for financial institutions and insurers as many of these organisations use AD for user authentication and access. The Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control Room integrates easily with AD. Automation Anywhere Enterprise has built an intuitive and easier configuration of AD domains and sites for authentication, and supports multi-forest design. Furthermore, Automation Anywhere has earned the highest security certifications – including SOC 2, Veracode, ISO 27001:2013, and Privacy Shield Framework – to reduce vulnerabilities across the board.” “RPA is becoming an increasingly significant part of the way financial institutions do business and we believe it’s here to stay. RPA is making the work easier with rule-based automations, taking burdensome manual tasks from employees’ shoulders and allowing them to devote more of their time to higher-value tasks. As it will become more sophisticated and enriched with artificial intelligence, RPA won’t only be used for simple repetitive tasks. It will also be a very efficient tool for more complicated processes such as loan origination, fraud detection and digital onboarding. VeriPark builds RPA experience with UiPath by speeding up such complex processes, clearing bottlenecks and minimising human intervention. As a Global independent software vendor, we are also excited to see the opportunities Microsoft will present with the recently announced RPA capability in Microsoft Power Automate called UI Flow. This end-to-end automation platform, reinventing processes for a wide range of workloads across the financial services industry, is what is on the horizon.”