The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

80 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E Manufacturing, enabled by new technologies, is powering the growth of businesses and economies around the world. We asked a selection of Microsoft’s global partners how they are working with manufacturing and resources firms to leverage transformational tools and services. Partner perspectives “It’s important to recognise that at the heart of transforming any business – not just manufacturing – sits the process of bringing together the people, data and processes. At Identity Experts, we do that by empowering our customers’ employees via the Microsoft ecosystem, starting with nurturing the culture. We do this by giving employees access to training and upskilling opportunities, automating time-consuming processes, and minimising risk and cost. The result is employees with the right access, who feel confident in their roles – and a business that flourishes in return. Elsewhere, we utilise Microsoft technologies to replace outdated or obsolete communication tools to improve efficiency and accuracy – directly combatting the challenge of shadow IT. Meanwhile, employees falling behind on the latest news or changes within the business can receive real-time access to the information that affects them, increasing awareness and reducing risk – and getting everybody on the same page.” Stacey Dixon Identity and security relationship manager at Identity Experts “Companies use DriveWorks to manufacture and sell digitally. Our solution can be hosted on-premises or on Microsoft Azure. Customers use DriveWorks to build their own design automation and product configurator solutions to respond faster than their competitors, offer customised products profitably, save time, reduce errors, improve product quality and sell to global markets. Digital transformation is key for manufacturers and using DriveWorks is enabling them to thrive. Automation is at the core of our software. Order-specific quotes, models, drawings, bills of materials and sales documents are created automatically, as soon as an order is placed. Our customisable templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook ensure order data is dynamically updated. We’ve also built a tight integration with Microsoft SQL and Dynamics CRM, pulling and pushing data throughout the order process. This reduces errors, enhances customer experiences and ensures all teams use the same data.” Glen Smith CEO at DriveWorks