The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

81 “ICONICS continuously ensures that its automation software solutions stay in lockstep with Microsoft technologies and Azure cloud services for the benefit of both companies’ shared customers. This means not only integrating with popular business tools such as Windows, Windows Server, SQL Server or Office 365, but with a much wider range of Microsoft solutions. ICONICS has developed a holographic machine interface that works with Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality device. IoTWorX was built to work seamlessly with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. The new CFSWorX connected field worker solution is compatible with Dynamics 365 for field service. A new voice machine interface works with Microsoft’s Cortana. The list goes on, but each of these ICONICS-Microsoft connected solutions is intended to help manufacturers and other customers meet today’s real-world business and technology requirements.” Mike James Spokesperson for MESA International Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS “Industry 4.0 experts agree that a manufacturing execution system (MES)/manufacturing operations management (MOM) layer is crucial to the deployment of industry 4.0. By implementing Layer 3 of the ISO 60224 standard we can knit together all the different systems used in manufacturing and create a platform for transformational tools, including artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance Software-as-a-Service tools and many others. When products and manufacturing equipment communicate, this layer enables us to orchestrate manufacturing without the direct involvement of people. The manufacturing plant becomes self-organised. The great advantage of MES/MOM is that it can already be implemented. There is a wide choice of products on the market and they have achieved a level of maturity making them a permanent and sustainable part of manufacturers’ information technology/operational technology models. The internet of services can also be integrated with the MES/MOM layer. MESA recommends the implementation of a manufacturing service bus to enable the knitting together of plant floor systems and ensure smooth interaction between transactional and real-time systems.” F E ATUR E “AVEVA software harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure to provide cloud-based solutions with our existing products that allow manufacturers to gain insight into how their plant is operating. AVEVA Cloud Operations puts operational information in the hands of the people that need it, when they need it. Additionally, AVEVA Predictive Analytics monitors the health of the equipment so that managers can predict equipment failure days, weeks, or even months in advance. This gives the managers valuable time to address the issue before failure. However, if a failure happens, AVEVA Operator Training helps ensure that operators know how to address it as quickly as possible, minimising downtime while increasing safety by reducing risk.” Mario Joao Head of Alliance Partners at AVEVA  MANU FAC TUR I NG & R E SOUR C E S