The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

82 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om John Rodgers Regional director for financial document automation, APAC at Bottomline Technologies Aaron Rendell Technical lead for intelligent cloud at Transparity Kelly Malone Vice president at Taqtile “Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to increase speed, reduce cost and improve cash flow. One area of efficiency that they often overlook is inbound and outbound documents. By expanding and enhancing the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Bottomline’s award-winning invoice automation solution decreases the processing time of inbound invoices by as much as 71%. Ultimately, this helps reduce late payment fees and profit from early settlement discounts. This simple saving can turn the finance department from a cost centre to a profit centre, all with advanced analytics to improve the visibility of cash obligations. Manufacturers can also improve the speed and agility around the creation of dynamic outbound documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices, order acknowledgements, bill of materials and all the other forms that drive their business. Using outbound automation technologies, manufacturers can automate the form distribution processes to improve productivity, reduce costs and speed up time to cash.” “Manufacturing is an industry that has come on leaps and bounds in terms of technology adoption over the last couple of decades. However, while processes on the assembly line have been streamlined with the use of robots and AI, many of the processes that bridge the gaps between manufacturing stages are often painfully manual. Microsoft PowerApps has the potential to change all of this by digitising and streamlining essential administrative processes. For instance, rather than using paper forms, using electronic forms delivered on a tablet device mean that the information can be tracked; there is no risk of documentation going missing. Procurement teams can monitor requests and authorise part ordering through a web form, delivered via PowerApps in a browser. A supplier can view orders through a partner screen and notify the organisation when parts are despatched. Goods In then simply scans a barcode upon delivery. It’s a process that is both elegant and efficient, taking a fraction of the time of a manual process and allowing each team to focus on their roles rather than chasing paperwork around the building… sometimes quite literally!” “Taqtile Manifest is revolutionising the way manufacturers improve productivity, efficiency and proficiency for workers using spatial computing, internet of things, and cloud technologies. Manifest enables knowledge capture from small and medium-sized enterprises and simple delivery of information and instructions to frontline workers, permitting: digital transformation across the workforce; expert knowledge capture and sharing; and simple mixed-reality authoring of procedures. Manifest is deployed to Microsoft Azure on the back-end and available on Microsoft HoloLens for the client side. Azure provides great security, reliability and flexibility in deployment options for our clients. Azure public cloud permits us to provision our clients within minutes, but we can also deploy as a hybrid cloud using Azure Stack Edge to enable greater processing power close to where the work is performed. As a Windows 10 device, HoloLens delivers a best-in-class mixed reality platform for our Manifest solution in a secure, intuitive way, permitting workers and trainees to maintain and operate equipment hands-free.”