The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

97 R E TA I L AND HOS P I TA L I T Y We ask Microsoft’s partners how they are harnessing technologies like AI, automation, cloud, machine learning, machine and mobile to help retailers optimise their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences Partner perspectives Yinglian Xie CEO and co-founder at DataVisor Philip Biggs Senior vice president of integration solutions at Appriss Retail “Converting to cloud-based solutions and integrating customer-facing systems through the cloud enables retailers to respond faster than ever to changing business desires and consumer needs. Appriss Retail has developed a revolutionary, cloud-based approach to managing retail businesses in real time: RTI (Real- Time Integration). The solution helps consumer-serving enterprises to collect and distribute data in real time from any commerce channel using their legacy systems. This data integration service speeds the development and deployment of complex business processes to solve specific, channel-agnostic use cases, such as acting on real-time sales, managing perpetual inventory, orchestrating mobile payments and processing loyalty award accruals or spending. The retailer can then focus on engaging consumers wherever they wish to transact, rather than worrying about the mechanics on the back-end.” “In this digital era, retail businesses face tremendous pressure to get the balance right between customer experience and organisational risk. Accurately and objectively discerning good from bad at big data scale is impossible if retailers only address risk from the perspective of known fraud because the real problem is new, emerging and unknown fraud. Fortunately, unsupervised machine learning (UML) offers a viable way forward. By enabling proactive detection through holistic data analysis, UML makes it possible to find correlated patterns and expose suspicious connections across large amounts of user accounts and actions, and to identify and neutralise coordinated malicious activity before downstream damage occurs. The ability to address new and emerging fraud without additional friction means retailers can continue to meet demand for speed, ease and efficiency. The result is high growth and low risk, coupled with safe and seamless customer experiences across all channels.”  R E TA I L &