The Record - Issue 15: Winter 2019

99 R E TA I L AND HOS P I TA L I T Y Steven Berkovitz Chief platform officer at Tecsys “There’s no question that the proliferation of mobile phones and tablets in the store, for both the consumer and store associate, is playing a key role in reinventing the retail experience. Mobile was the first technology to transform how store associates interact with customers and to disrupt the overall configuration of modern stores. Customers no longer have to wait in a single checkout line or hunt down a product category expert. Instead, customers and store associates are empowered with a new class of connectivity, data and tools. Tecsys leverages mobile devices and applications to power in-store fulfilment solutions that support buy-online-and- pick-up-in store, ship-from-store, and order consolidation – all via a mobile device. Our customer service solutions are enabling omnichannel returns and exchanges, and endless aisle shopping. As the lines between retailer and logistics company are blurred, delivery management solutions allow retailers to handle their own delivery all via employee-owned or provided mobile devices.” “Retailers can use AI and intelligent cameras and sensors to capture more data than ever before so they can understand what’s happening in their stores in real time. However, many are unsure how to turn this data into relevant and actionable insights that can be sent directly to frontline staff in real time. Turnpike’s solutions help with this by allowing retailers to set thresholds that trigger real-time motivational messages, task reminders and notifications for store associates when certain situations arise, such as when a customer needs help in a fitting room. Plus, Turnpike provides other productivity, convenience, access, safety and scheduling features. Working in partnership with Microsoft and integrating its solutions with Microsoft Teams has enabled Turnpike to attract attention from retail heavyweights like H&M and Ikea. These retailers know that Turnpike gives their staff an amazing new customer engagement ‘superpower’, while also providing a highly effective tool to increase and monitor efficiency.” Matt Connors CEO of Turnpike Group James Ralph Head of new business at Wirehive “Making physical stores experiential is a goal for most retailers – but how will they achieve it? Many are harnessing the techniques the e-commerce sector has used to deliver personalised experiences to online customers. Not only is this allowing retailers to introduce innovations like smart mirrors and bespoke 3D-printed clothing to their stores, but it’s also enabling them to optimise their logistics and supply chains. Retailers also want to empower store associates with actionable insights so they can personalise customer interactions. Wirehive helps with this by integrating Microsoft’s cloud technology across retail businesses, giving them access to data, AI, internet of things capabilities, Office, customer relationship management software and more. A key part of this is the Face API in the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services suite and custom machine learning solutions, which retailers can use to improve POS displays to boost sales, analyse footfall patterns to optimise store layouts, proactively assist customers.”  R E TA I L &