The Record - Issue 16, Spring 2020

67  COMMUN I CAT I ONS & MED I A and other virtual network services with lower investment and risk. “Together with the Amdocs VNF experience and the Microsoft Azure multi-vendor eco- system, SES can quickly introduce a rich set of innovative new services that can be discovered, deployed and scaled on demand,” says Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of media, network and technology at Amdocs. “By deploying the Amdocs Service & Network Automation solution, SD-WAN solution and other virtual network functions on Microsoft Azure public cloud, SES has benefitted from a highly agile and scalable infrastructure, enabling the company to accelerate time-to-market for managed virtual network services. Using Amdocs Service & Network Automation solution in combination with Microsoft Azure public cloud enables CSPs like SES to become agile and dynamic and innovate faster using programmable and software-driven virtual net- works. This strengthens their value, position and capabilities in providing modern services to enterprise and business customers. “Through ONAP, networks are moving from being proprietary, closed and hardware-centric to being much more open and software-cen- tric,” says Bob De Haven, general manager of worldwide media and communications at Microsoft. “Through our work with Amdocs, communications and media companies can accelerate their path to open source VNF via Microsoft Azure. SES has become the first company to take advantage of the Amdocs offering, enabling it to build an open network and open ecosystem for innovation and service management, and in turn enabling the network to become a platform that can be managed by software in the cloud.” Amdocs and SES will present the joint case study at Digital Transformation World 2020. Learn more: Network-NFV-NaaS-SES-Case-Study-LP.html