The Record - Issue 16, Spring 2020

80 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om W hen Honeywell International saw that its customers faced a decrease in the availability of skilled staff to maintain complex equipment, it used Microsoft Azure and HoloLens to create a scalable, affordable solution. The result was Honeywell Connected Plant Skills and Safety Immersive Competency, an immersive industrial learning solution that plays to how humans best learn, enabling fast and efficient training for new workers. As well as being inexpensive, this cloud-deliv- ered training provides an engaging and attrac- tive experience for new generations of workers. Wearing a HoloLens headset, trainees can move through a physical space safely while working with a virtual 3D simulation model. Staff can also take training and refresher courses as and when they need to, without having to travel. Honeywell’s solution exemplifies how Microsoft and its partners can help equip people to work safely and expertly in an industry that leads the way in adopting new technologies. “Manufacturing has long been on the front line of technology disruption,” says Colin Masson, Microsoft and its partners are helping to transform the manufacturing industry by putting people firmly at the centre BY J ACQU I GR I F F I THS People-powering digital workplace the F E ATUR E