The Record - Issue 17: Summer 2020

109  MANU FAC TUR I NG & R E SOUR C E S Rapidly evolving digital technologies present manufacturers with a golden opportunity to revitalise their product and process innovation. We asked a selection of leading Microsoft partners to tell us how they are helping manufacturers to create new efficiencies, insights and opportunities across the product lifecycle. Partner perspectives Klaus Peter Wagner Head of marketing and sales at Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions “ICONICS provides customers with automation software solutions that are geared toward enhancing agility and speed as much as interoperability and scalability. Our GENESIS64 SCADA suite helps to speed up the deployment time of intuitive, powerful visualisation and control of any new or changing business process. Integrated AnalytiX data analysis and Hyper Historian rapid archiving/retrieval solutions mean real-time and historical data can be put to immediate use for KPI-based decision-making. In addition, manufacturers may opt to access any of these tools via their preferred cloud provider (such as Microsoft Azure) using ICONICS IoTWorX. Any manufacturer, whether start-up or established enterprise, can use these solutions to speed up, as well as better understand, their production processes, but without sacrificing quality to do so.” “The industrial internet of things (IIoT) holds huge potential for manufacturers. In recent years, for instance, innovative organisations have implemented IIoT solutions to monitor shop floor equipment, enabling condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and reduced downtime. But in today’s changing markets, manufacturers need to go further. With the right tools to hand, they can optimise quality and create smart manufacturing solutions that support business agility. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions developed the XDK Shop Floor Starter Kit, an all- in-one solution, to provide those tools in one place. The XDK Shop Floor Starter Kit is a multitool for the factory of the future. It contains everything required to quickly equip interlinked production lines with different kinds of sensors, which could include measuring vibration, temperature and current. The kit also enables users to collect and summarise information and visualise all data transparently in a back end such as Microsoft Azure or the Nexeed Production Performance Manager from Bosch. Having an overview of the performance level of every single manufacturing station enables predictive quality management, resulting in optimised product quality within specified tolerances and efficiently ensuring the product’s properties throughout its lifecycle. Furthermore, remote monitoring and foresighted planning allows more flexible capacity management in the production process.” Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS