The Record - Issue 17: Summer 2020

23 LEARN MORE: IGEL.COM/WINDOWS-VIRTUAL-DESKTOP Bentley Systems drives discussion around Covid-19 changes to cities On 9 June, Bentley Systems held a virtual panel discussion which invited executives to discuss the effects of coronavirus on cities. Attendees were able to learn more about new business models, how technology plays a role, and the innovation necessary to help cities put resilience into action. “When we think about resilience and digital twins, we think about the three phases of the lifecycle,” said Robert Mankowski, vice president of Digital Cities at Bentley Systems, at the event. “First, you’re preparing for the unexpected, then you’re responding to that, and finally you’re in recovery. With digital technologies, you can really understand your risk. Digital twins can help evaluate the probability of failures and the consequences of it.” The event also focused on the use of digital twins in the planning, building and operating of cities. Mankowski and Kirk Arthur, senior director of business strategy at Microsoft’s Worldwide Government Industry, highlighted the importance of digital twins and cloud technology in designing the digital cities necessary for the future. “A digital model can help cities prepare for the next crisis, whether that be a flood, fire or pandemic,” said Arthur.