The Record - Issue 17: Summer 2020

74 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om V I EWPO I NT Working though the crisis K E L LY MA LONE : TAQT I L E With businesses facing significant challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, they are looking to technology to help them find new ways of operating M any businesses have been able to tran- sition to a remote working environ- ment during the Covid-19 pandemic. For others, however, it has not been possible for employees to complete their functions away from their usual workplace. Those organisations are having to figure out how to operate under social distancing restrictions, sometimes with reduced staff, split shifts, and under-skilled staff running new or unfamiliar operations. Our clients are figuring out how to get the same amount of work done with limited resources and restrictions on movement. To help support them as they overcome these challenges, we recently released the latest update to our Manifest spatial computing solution, Manifest 2.0. The update added several new features to the solution, includ- ing Manifest Connect and Working Together. Both features have been in the plans for the prod- uct for a while and are now allowing for a more seamless route towards a ‘new normal’. Manifest Connect allows for experts within an organisation to be called in and view exactly what an operator equipped with Microsoft Hololens is seeing, to help them complete a task, solve an issue, or learn more about a problem. This could be an emergency or critical situation where assis- tance is needed, or a maintenance procedure that requires someone else’s expertise. The ability to see exactly what they are seeing allows them to be walked through the procedure while making use of all the other valuable features of Manifest. Working Together allows users to either share a planned team procedure or reassign a step to another operator on the fly. These can be opera- tors in the same area and shift, or team members in entirely different locations. All operators can watch the job progress through each step and view notes left by other operators. This ability allows for collaborative work between different teams to manage tasks more while improving safety and compliance. These solutions are helping organisations to address new challenges that have arisen as the result of the coronavirus pandemic. Our advanced tools allow teams to continue to communicate and operate effectively, despite the constraints that have been placed on the way they work, tracking the completion of tasks every step of the way. Kelly Malone is CRO at Taqtile. “All operators can watch the job progress through each step and view notes left by other operators”