Golf Course Architecture - Issue 60, April 2020

39 A new golf course, designed by Jakub Cervenka of CZGDA, will open in May 2020 at Golf Resort Dobrouč in the Czech Republic. “My task was to design a golf course sensitively set in the landscape without disturbing the amazing character,” said Cervenka. The course is situated in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains with dramatic steep slopes, ravines and valleys. “For my design, the question was how to combine the scenery and character of the landscape with game strategy,” said Cervenka. “And, how to balance the unmistakable uniqueness of the landscape so that the golf course could fit into it. The layout has to be attractive for the players.” Cervenka considered how to design golf features so that they would fit into a site with a large amount of elevation change as well as the rugged terrain. He also wanted to have greens large enough to offer as many interesting pin positions as possible. “Each green is different, one of them – the thirteenth – very significantly,” said Cervenka. He also highlights the short par-three ninth. “This hole’s uniqueness lies in the difference in height between the tee and the green – the fact the ball goes above the treetops during its flight makes it necessary to choose the right club.” Photo: Martin Kabat/Bunkershot New golf course to open in the Czech Republic The new Golf Resort Dobrouč features greens large enough to offer many interesting pin positions Gary Chesnoff decided to build a golf course while being treated for cancer. He hired the architectural firm of Hurdzan/Fry to design it for him and partner Dana Fry convinced him to go for a huge construction that, in the process, would create the highest point in Collier County, southwest Florida, producing one of the Sunshine State’s most highly regarded courses. Club histories are, of course, ten a penny, but few of them have such a dramatic story to tell as author John Strawn relates in Creating Calusa Pines . Strawn – who made his name many years ago with his book Driving the Green , perhaps the first volume to chronicle the creation of a golf course in this way, and who, along with fellow author Curt Sampson has now formed a firm dedicated to the production of high-class club histories – tells that story with his usual aplomb. This is, without doubt, a book of niche interest, but it’s a top quality one for all that. A bit like Calusa Pines itself, then! Creating Calusa Pines GOOD READ