By Design – Issue 52, Spring 2021

29 10-hole pitch-and-putt (with holes varying between 30 and 130 yards) and a new range. This design helps to grow the game, reduces maintenance cost and produces extra income for our client. Prior to this design, the use of the driving range was included with the green fee. Now the client charges a fee when used for pitch and putt and academy purposes. While return on investment is important, the environment and sustainability are central to our design philosophy. Working with small footprints means that sustainability becomes an inherent part of the project as we like to combine the golf course with natural elements. Fewer resources can sometimes mean more fun. This is demonstrated at Chablé Resort & Spa near Mérida in Mexico, where we created a unique space for guests to connect with the natural elements, including the surrounding Mayan forest. The layout encourages players to expand beyond the mental and physical aspects of the game and connect on a spiritual, emotional and environmental level. People can play barefoot and connect with nature. We always try to think how we can do something extra with what we have: how can a project be more than just a golf course? How can it come alive? We try to give our projects a heartbeat. We brought that approach when designing a ‘golf lounge’, also known as The Pit, for a private client. It centers around a large green incorporating multiple pins and surrounded by a variety of bunkers and short grass areas. Its name is a nod to the fire pit that is incorporated into the design, a space that can be enjoyed at night, whether playing golf or not. We’re now working on a second iteration of the concept for a private community in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. We’re providing a diverse offering through a multi-use and multifunctional design that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. There are rolling hills and big sandboxes for kids to enjoy. I want them rolling around in the grass, making sandcastles in the bunkers – that’s how I want to grow the game. Then we flip the switch at night and bring out the disco ball, the fire pit and the surround sound system, with groups of friends, husbands and wives all socializing together. I want more people playing golf. I want them to have fun. Creating these multi-purpose complexes on small parcels of land is a great way of achieving it. • Photo: Rafael Navarros At Puerta Cortés Resort in Mexico, Agustín Pizá, ASGCA, redesigned the driving range so it could also be used as a short course