Cruise and Ferry Review - Summer/Spring 2020

1 6 0 FEATURE Technology at sea Richard Humphreys showcases some of the technological and communication companies and solutions that are keeping guests and crew safe, connected and entertained on cruise ships and passenger ferries worldwide The cruise and ferry industry makes an exceptional effort to make guests’ time onboard a ship as enjoyable as possible – whether they’re watching a theatre show, gazing through windows at the view, or safely embarking/disembarking the ship. Behind-the-scenes machinery and equipment makes this possible, but only if ship operators keep it safe, serviceable and compliant with statutory regulations. AM Defence & Marine helps with this by providing worldwide annual lifting inspections and five-year tests to the majority of cruise lines worldwide including Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line. Its engineers are trained to inspect and test all lifting gear, ‘working at height’ systems and means of access onboard cruise ships and ferries. Following each inspection, the engineer will input the information into a Lifting Equipment Management System database. The system allows senior crew, management companies and third parties to view specific items and ensure that they are compliant. The system is available online, which means it’s easier to access and there is no need for paper printouts. The company also provides expert technical advice and services to shipyards, which allows them to use AM Defence & Marine’s software during the shipbuilding process and ensure that all lifting equipment is correctly marked with a serial number and is traceable. Managing safety AM Defence & Marine helps cruise lines to comply with regulations and keep passengers safe