Cruise and Ferry Review - Summer/Spring 2020

1 8 2 Sumptuous and sustainable Today’s passenger ships must combine comfort and beauty with care for the environment. Jacqui Griffiths looks at how sustainability is being put at the heart of interior design A spectrum of sustainability Sustainable design is a multi-layered principle for leading designers. “Our designs for the expedition ships being constructed in China are built around the concept of connecting people with the natural environment,” says Tomas Tillberg, managing partner of Tomas Tillberg Design International. “Large windows in both cabins and public areas help accomplish this goal. Even the artwork, with its many high-quality photographs of wildlife, contributes to it. Renewable sources of materials are constantly being reviewed for use in the designs and are incorporated whenever possible.” Ralf Claussen, founder and partner at cm-design, says that even the smallest design input can help to change behaviour and promote the development of sustainable and recyclable materials. “Examples include using PVC-free vinyl-floorings; recycled products from the plastics found in the sea, such as wall tiles, furniture and fabrics; using natural materials instead of artificial products; sourcing materials locally to the yard to minimise transportation cost and pollution; and regularly checking production sites and quality,” he says. Sustainable superyacht concepts such as Aegir illustrate Tillberg Design of Sweden’s ability to help clients achieve a neutral or positive environmental footprint. The company is carbon neutral and prides itself on its own sustainable practices, as well as its knowledge of sustainable materials and ideas on how to construct smarter ships and develop green solutions. Furniture and decor Recycled and upcycled plastic increasingly take centre stage in sustainable ship interiors. Christina Conde, senior designer at CallisonRTKL, highlights Vondom’s new ‘Ibiza’ furniture collection as a prime example. “The line includes sculptural chairs, a table and a chaise longue made from all types of plastic found floating in the Mediterranean Sea,” Conde says. Tomas Tillberg Design International includes materials from renewable sources in designs that connect passengers with the natural environment