Cruise and Ferry Review - Summer/Spring 2020

1 8 4 CITA Design features recyclable, environmentally friendly, lightweight products in its cabin concepts for Havila Kystruten’s new coastal vessela CFR GREEN L I ST design and eco-friendly production practices, the company harnesses the natural beneficial qualities of wool to produce original textiles with interesting structures, colours, patterns and technical characteristics. GU is constantly innovating and adapting the latest technology to work with wool, to offer fabrics that are inherently flame retardant, easy to care for, durable, and look luxurious for many years without wrinkling, creasing or compressing. Clean and green Manufacturing processes and energy usage are as essential as the finished product to sustainable ship interiors. “We are constantly searching the market for new sustainable products and materials, lowering our carbon footprint and that of our clients,” says Simon Dawkins, commercial manager at marine interior outfitting firm Trimline. “By also adopting lean manufacturing practices, we ensure any waste is kept to a minimum.” Danish Decoration has a keen focus on improving the dry dock environment. “Dry dock projects accumulate lots of garbage that used to go into one pile,” says Tina Kjeldgaard, owner of Danish Decoration. “Now we sort electrical, hazardous, stone, concrete, metal and wet garbage into separate containers which we have onboard the ship during the entire dry dock. For instance, all grout water and paint go into designated closed containers and are not flushed into any system.” Pronomar is helping polar expedition operators to reduce the energy used for cleaning and drying for passengers’ muck boots and waterproof clothing. With Pronomar boot cleaning stations, dirty muck boots can be washed using brushes with water spray nozzles. Afterwards, all clothing can be placed on Pronomar drying systems for fast internal drying. This contributes to a healthier and more comfortable experience for guests and crew while limiting unnecessary energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions in comparison to traditional drying rooms. Environmentally friendly flooring Gerflor’s commitment to circular economy sees it investing in eco-design for all products and processes, with a focus on reducing energy and water consumption. Its 100% recyclable Streamo floors and Karavel NG Luxury Vinyl Tile ranges have low volatile organic compound emissions, supporting indoor air quality. In addition, Gerflor’s Evercare surface treatment enables reduced use of water, energy and cleaning agents. The company works closely with architects, designers and influencers to develop new ranges where design meets performance.