Cruise and Ferry Review - Summer/Spring 2020

2 2 8 Delivering the destination promise Rebecca Gibson asks MSC Cruises’ Elisabetta De Nardo and Carnival UK’s Steven Young how they choose the ports and destinations that will create unforgettable onshore experiences for guests W hy do people choose a cruise holiday? For some, it offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy luxury accommodation, innovative entertainment, multicultural cuisine and various types of activities all in one place. For others, it’s the ideal way to quickly and easily explore multiple destinations, each with their own natural, cultural, historical, adventure or culinary experiences. Designing itineraries that cater to everyone is challenging for all cruise lines. “Some guests want to visit the marquee ports that everyone talks about, others want to explore smaller off-the-beaten track destinations,” says Elisabetta De Nardo, vice president of port development at MSC Cruises. “Some want a slow cruise with extended port stays or overnights in their favourite town, others want sea days so they can fully relax and enjoy the innovations and warm hospitality on our ships. We must design itineraries that cover all preferences.” According to Steven Young, vice president of port and shore operations for Carnival UK’s P&O Cruises and Cunard brands, planning the perfect itinerary can be more of an art than a science. “We have to balance potential guests’ interests with practical necessities,” he explains. “We want to visit ports that offer guests unique experiences and treasured memories, and every destination should offer something different, yet still complement the other ports of call.” FEATURE Destinations like the Norwegian fjords are popular with P&O Cruises’ guests because of their natural beauty “Forward-thinking cruise lines like MSC Cruises want forward-thinking ports” Elisabetta De Nardo, MSC Cruises