Golf Course Architecture - Issue 59, January 2020

20 TEE BOX The Addington looks to the past for its future The newly established firm of Clayton, DeVries & Pont is under way with a course study at The Addington Golf Club in Croydon, England. Founded in 1913, The Addington’s original design – by John Abercromby, with Harry Colt as a consultant – remains largely intact. Frank Pont said: “It is an immense privilege to have been asked to analyse The Addington and provide a cogent plan that will allow Abercromby and Colt’s inspired design to be best presented for future generations. Mike Clayton and I will deliver a blueprint whose objective will be to enhance the experience of playing this masterpiece whilst maintaining great respect for its architectural brilliance.” The project will begin with a research study to analyse how the layout has changed over time. The firm will refer to historic imagery from the club’s archives to highlight elements of the original design which have been lost, and assess the merit of their reintroduction. Clayton, DeVries & Pont, which was formed in October 2019, has two other projects under way. Mike DeVries and Pont are collaborating to restore the Bloomfield Hills course in Michigan, and Clayton and Pont are also working together on a detailed study of the course’s bunkers for Royal Dublin Golf Club. Photo: courtesy of Clayton, DeVries and Pont Photo: Edward Cartwright FROM THE ARCHI VE