Golf Course Architecture - Issue 59, January 2020

38 How do you feel about the completed project? This has been a very rewarding project for me, and I think everyone involved, because three years – plus initial planning – is a long time to stay focused and consistent. We did a pretty good job of this, learning and adjusting with each consecutive phase, but maintaining a common goal and style throughout. How has the project team worked together through each phase? This third phase was probably the most testing, because each phase was bid separately and there was no guarantee as to who would be completing the work each year. This year we worked with Wadsworth Golf Construction, and for the first two phases we worked with Golf Creations. At the start, I was concerned about consistency, primarily in the final shaping of things, but both groups are professionals who know what they’re doing, so the final phase went without a hitch. They were sensitive to what had been completed prior and delivered a product that fits seamlessly with the first two phases. I give a lot of credit to our project team. The Park District staff, and our firm worked together well throughout the process, our goals and lines of communication were open and consistent, and that collaborative mentality is what kept the project in check over the three-year time period. Plus, it was just fun to work together, each one of them has a passion for golf and the long-term success of the facility, and they knew and trusted that we felt the same. This is one of those projects that I’m glad are finished so we can enjoy the fruits of our labour, but I’ll miss the camaraderie and the process. Tell us about the most recent phase of work, on the Tournament nine. I’m excited about the second and third holes. Both were kind of marginal GCA spoke with Todd Quitno of Lohmann Quitno about the completion of his three-year project at Schaumburg Golf Club, a 27-hole public facility in northwest Chicago TEE BOX THE INTERV I EW with Todd Quitno On the Tournament nine’s second hole, Quitno doubled the width of the fairway and added a central bunker “We’ve seen and played the results and it has been a huge hit” Photos: Todd Quitno