By Design - Fall 2019

22 | By Design With less than six months to go to Golf Industry Show 2020, ASGCA President Jan Bel Jan and her counterparts at GCSAA and GCBAA, Rafael Barajas and Pat Karnick, participated in a Twitter Q&A about their organizations’ role at the event New role for W hat do the increased roles of ASGCA and GCBAA mean for Golf Industry Show (GIS) attendees? Jan Bel Jan: The ASGCA has been a proud supporter of GIS since its formation. We are committed to helping golf courses of all types to be more successful. As the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) looks for new ways to grow GIS, an increased presence at the event seems the perfect way to display ASGCA’s commitment. This increased role provides greater opportunity for our members to both give and receive education, including greater interaction with course superintendents, builders, suppliers and others. Pat Karnick: Being a presenting partner alongside the GCSAA and ASGCA unites three of the largest and most comprehensive enterprises in the golf industry. It justifiably made sense to join forces with these two entities and provide GIS attendees the opportunity to learn about all aspects of developing or enhancing a golf course. We look forward to being a major aspect of GIS for a long time. What do the additions of GCBAA and ASGCA as GIS Presenting Partners mean for GCSAA members? Rafael Barajas: Enhanced involvement by the GCBAA and ASGCA adds expanded education opportunities and solutions for supers. GIS is strengthened by their contributions and provides members and other attendees with a premiere event to experience golf course and facility management solutions under one roof. GCSAA’s GIS relationship with GCBAA and ASGCA mirrors the real-world working relationship between architects, builders and supers; all key components in the development and sustainability of a golf facility. What does ASGCA’s increased role mean for GIS attendees? JBJ: The golf industry is growing in new ways, so more education for golf course decision makers is a must. GOLF INDUSTRY SHOW Golf leaders TWITTER Q&A From left, GCBAA President Pat Karnick, ASGCA President Jan Bel Jan and GCSAA President Rafael Barajas GIS at ASGCA Photo: Courtesy of GCSAA/Traci Edwards