By Design - Fall 2019

23 Attendees will have the chance to learn more from golf course architects in both formal and informal settings. What does GCBAA’s increased role mean for GIS attendees? PK: GCBAA brings strength in not only numbers but experience. Our members average 20-plus years of experience in the global golf business, while our staff’s dedication to education is unparalleled in the industry. GCBAA works tirelessly to improve the golf industry as a whole and those efforts will carry through to GIS and its attendees. What collaborative GIS events can members expect to see between GCSAA, GCBAA, and ASGCA? RB: While GCBAA and GCSAA will continue their partnership for 2020’s ‘Inside the Shop’, ASGCA will join ‘Design and Construction’ on the show floor. The combined area will offer support for members of all three associations and showcase member exhibitors. What additional opportunities will the GIS presenting partnership provide for GCBAA members? PK: Our hope is that our members realize the great education opportunities that this partnering will offer. Individually as associations, there has always been internal education opportunities for members to enhance themselves. Now with the three Presenting Partners, more significant cross-education will be presented to our members, such as the day-long ASGCA seminars that are open to everyone. How have you seen GIS evolve in your time with GCSAA? Where do you see it heading? RB: With GIS exhibitors, sponsors, and allied association support, GIS has fostered a more collaborative spirit and will continue embracing all golf course management aspects while recognizing contributions each stakeholder makes to golf. • GIS 2020 will be held Jan. 25-30, 2020 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Keep updated on Twitter with @ASGCA, @GCBAA, @GCSAA and @GCSAA_GIS. From the 2020 event, ASGCA, GCSAA and GCBAA will be Presenting Partners of the Golf Industry Show GCSAA's GIS relationship with GCBAA and ASGCA mirrors the real-world working relationship between architects, builders and supers