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The number of golfers in China has grown by 16 percent
between 2011 and 2012, according to a new report
published by the National Golf Foundation.
China Golf Industry Report 2012
highlights robust
growth in the Chinese golf market, stating that the number
of rounds played in 2012 increased by 8 percent to 11.5
million. Around 38 percent of China’s total number of
golfers are now classified as core golfers (those playing at
least eight rounds per year).
The report also confirms that more opportunities for growth
exist in the market, highlighting that the Circum-Bohai-Sea
Region has great potential for golf tourism development.
to order the full report.
Chinese market up by 16 percent
Golf is great for the body and mind
Participation in China
PHIT America, a campaign dedicated to
increasing physical activity and fitness
in the US, has said that golf doesn’t get
enough credit for how great a fitness
activity it is.
“When we dug into the research, it was
amazing how good golf is for fitness. Not only
for the body, but for your overall health,” said
PHIT America founder Jim Baugh.
According to Steve Mona, CEO of the
World Golf Foundation, “the average golfer
will walk five miles, or walk one mile if they
ride in a cart,” during a game of golf. “Also,
during an 18-hole round, a cart-rider will
burn 1,300 calories, while a walker will
burn as many as 2,000 calories,” he added.
“That is the equivalent of jogging on a
treadmill for two hours and 10 minutes.”
PHIT America also reported the positive
effect golf has on a person’s mental fitness,
including helping to sharpen focus, and
develop cognitive skills and strategic thinking.
“The next time you are calculating changes
in elevation, wind speed and direction,
altitude, moisture on the ground and in the
air, distance to the target, and swing plane,
remember one more swing thought: your
brain is getting a great workout!” said PHIT.
Toro turns
100 in 2014
As Toro
gears up to
its 100th
next year, the company
has said that it will stand
by the principles that have
guided it from the very
beginning–a commitment
to innovation and building
lasting relationships. Since it
built the mechanized mowing
machine in 1919 to replace
horse-drawn equipment
typically used by golf courses
at the time, the company has
remained at the forefront of
technological innovation.
Michael J. Hoffman, Toro’s
chairman and CEO, said
that the company will build
on its strong foundation as it
heads into its next century.
R&A rule reaches
From January 2014, the
R&A condition that requires
all clubs, except drivers and
putters, used in professional
championship events to
conform to the 2010
groove and punch mark
specifications will also apply
to R&A amateur events. The
full details of this condition
can be found in Decision
4-1/1 of Decisions on the
Rules of Golf.
Profile completes
processing upgrades
Profile Products has
completed a year-long
upgrade to processing
equipment at its
manufacturing facility in
Blue Mountain, Miss. This
will allow the company
to expand its production
capacity and ensure
flexibility in its product mix.
Health benefits
New project for
Carrick Design
Canadian architecture firm
Carrick Design has been
commissioned to design a
new course in China.
Located on the Dalian
Peninsula and overlooking the
Yellow Sea, the site features
some spectacular coastline,
according to ASGCA Past
President Doug Carrick.
“The golf course layout is
designed as a traditional
links,” said Carrick. “Golf
holes constantly change
in their direction of play to
present the golfer with a
variety of wind conditions on
the exposed site.”
The project will also include
a small residential component.
IN 2012
IN 2012
Source: NGF
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