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ne of the great joys of golf
is that no two courses are
exactly the same. Unlike
most sports, there are very few
limitations imposed on the size and
dimensions of the playing surface.
The oldest golf courses weave among
coastal dunes, but they can equally
traverse open parkland, meander
through heath or take players deep
into forests and mountains.
And it’s not just the terrain that’s
different. Some clubs are established
for a private membership, some are
municipality-owned and provide a
service to the general public, and
resort courses are developed to
attract and retain visiting guests.
They can be located in big cities,
rural areas or far-flung destinations.
As a result, each club faces its own
very unique set of challenges. For
some, it might be standing out from
the crowd in a well-serviced market,
or appealing to a population of
novice golfers. Others might have to
work out how best to cope with the
ingress of nearby development, or
make a more positive impact on the
These, and more, are challenges
that have been faced by the
honorees of this year’s Design
Excellence Recognition Program
from the American Society of Golf
Course Architects. All 12 clubs
profiled on the following pages
have enlisted the experience and
expertise of ASGCA-member
architects to help them find
innovative and practical solutions to
their unique challenges.
Jan Bel Jan
oversaw a renovation of
the 27-hole municipal Lake
Venice club in Florida.
Todd Clark
created a dual purpose
practice facility at Twin Oaks
CC in Springfield, Mo.
John Colligan
created a new design that
led to a doubling of rounds
played at Stevens Park GC.
Lester George
helped the city of Wilmington
retain Rock Manor GC amid
infrastructure developments.
Raymond Hearn
provided Island Hills GC
with a renovated course that
transformed club revenues.
Michael Hurdzan
created a low-cost, unique,
fun golf experience for a
resort in Rockbridge, Ohio.
Robert McNeil
introduced a new water
management program while
renovating Mohegan Sun CC.
David Rainville
created a short course for a
charity that teaches children
life skills and golf.
Rick Robbins
designed a completely new
27-hole course in a national
park near Dandong in China.
Steve Smyers
helped Butterfield CC improve
aesthetics and strategy while
solving technical challenges.
Jason Straka
completed renovation projects
at both Camelback GC and
Columbia CC.
Larry Lambrecht
Photo: © 2013, Dave Sansom
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