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he centerpiece of Lochmoor

Club is its Walter Travis-

designed golf course, which

opened for play in 1918. But as the

years passed, much of its original

design character has been lost, as

a result of maintenance practices,

the evolution of club and ball

technology, and changes made by

well-meaning but under-informed

greens committees.

The clubs leadership wanted to

restore the original Walter Travis design

integrity of the course, while keeping

it relevant to today’s players and

equipment, as well as addressing their

practice range and short game area,

which were both in need of attention.

Paul Albanese, ASGCA, proposed a

‘hybrid’ remodeling plan, a concept

which melds the principles and

design philosophy of Golden Age

designers such as Travis with the

expectations of modern golfers.

With no original design drawings

available, Albanese procured aerial

photographs from 1937 (the oldest

on record), to understand the

essence of the original design. He

also conducted extensive research

into the work of Travis, studying his

biography and accessing resources

from the Walter Travis Society.

An iterative hole-by-hole

design process followed, which

incorporated the original Travis

design philosophy into design

solutions that address contemporary

golf requirements and constraints.

The club now has a long term master

plan which will provide a reference

for all future design changes, enabling

the course to evolve in a coherent,

consistent and integrated manner.

The club implemented part of the

master plan in the fall of 2015 with

the remodeling of all of the bunkers

throughout the course. The project was

completed on time and under budget,

and the entire membership is proud of

the work. They are looking forward to

continuing with other elements of the

master plan in the near future.

Photo: Albanese & Lutzke


Grosse Pointe Woods,


Golf course architect:

Paul Albanese,

ASGCA, Albanese & Lutzke

Project summary:

Historic photography

and documentation provided the

foundation for a renovation of the

Walter Travis-designed Lochmoor

Club, bringing it up-to-date while

adhering to the principles of the

original ‘Golden Age’ design.


Sandtrapper; ADS Drain Tile;

East Jordan Ironworks; Fairmount Sand

Lochmoor Club

Respecting the past

Historic club restores original designer’s intent