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he Golf Industry Show always provides a wonderful opportunity to

exchange ideas, experiences and views with industry professionals

from all disciplines and all parts of the globe. This year’s event—which

took place in San Diego in February—was no exception.

ASGCA has a long history of fostering innovation, as was clear to see from

the insight shared by members during the week. There were fascinating

and detailed presentations about innovations in putting green surfaces,

tournament set-up and water management. You can read more on page 5.

And what better place is there for ASGCA members to apply their spirit of

innovation than municipal golf courses? Good publicly-accessible facilities

are absolutely crucial for the success of the game, and I applaud the

municipalities throughout the United States and beyond who work hard to

provide their communities with an affordable way to enjoy fresh air, green

space and the game of golf.

The cover story of this edition of

By Design

, which begins on page 8,

examines the design of municipal golf courses, and considers the experiences

and opinions of ASGCA members who have worked on municipal projects. In

my opinion, some of our best work is being done at these facilities, creating

fun experiences for all.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Steve Smyers


American Society of Golf Course Architects





A round up of industry news,

including innovation discussion at the

Golf Industry Show, a test event at

the Rio Olympic Course, and a new

course in Virginia.

Municipal gol

f 8

We consider the keys to providing

great golf to local communities,

as ASGCA members share their

experiences of municipal design projects.

Golf and wate

r 14

A new publication from the ASGCA

Foundation helps developers

understand good water stewardship.

Scoring tee

s 16

By Design

speaks with Jan Bel Jan,

ASGCA, to find out more about her

‘scoring tees’ concept.

Small projects


Why hire a golf course architect for

small projects? ASGCA members share

their views.

Five to finis

h 22

For this issue’s final five questions, we

talk with J. Drew Rogers, ASGCA.



Also:Design innovation •Watermanagement • Scoring tees • Small projects

Excellence inGolfDesign from theAmerican Society ofGolfCourseArchitects


Issue 27 | Spring 2016


The municipal Keller Golf Course in

Maplewood, Minnesota, was recently

renovated by Richard Mandell, ASGCA.

Photograph by David A. Parker

Fostering innovation

Editor and Publisher:

Toby Ingleton


Bruce Graham

ASGCA Staff:

Chad Ritterbusch; Therese Suslick; Mike Shefky; Aileen Smith; Marc Whitney


Joann Dost; Alex Ferro/Rio 2016; Jessica Larson; Kevin Norby; David A. Parker;

Ed Stevenson, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County [FPDDC]

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