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tourism that delivers benefits

throughout the village economy.

In 1947, Thompson, with 12 of his

fellow golf architects, would form

the American Society of Golf Course

Architects and, to this day, ASGCA

members are working not only with

established communities, but also with

developers who see golf as an amenity

that will help their projects to thrive.

One such example is the work that

ASGCA Past President Bill Love, ASGCA,

completed for Overlook Holdings,

responsible for the

Carolina Colours

residential community in New Bern,

North Carolina.

The development team has been

building communities in the state

for 25 years, so were keenly aware of

the need for their new development

to withstand the vagaries of a

sometimes turbulent property

market. “It was essential that the

golf course at Carolina Colours

would not only deliver the desired

premium on property prices, but it

should be built on the foundations of

economic, social and environmental

sustainability,” says Love.

With responsibility for master

planning the entire development,

Love’s firm, Love & Kington, was

able to achieve its client’s goals by

preparing concepts that would fulfil

both the criteria for the golf course

and development objectives for the

residential component of the plan.

After extensive analysis of existing

site conditions, including sensitive

areas, topography and drainage

patterns, the course was routed to fit

compatibly with its surroundings.

ASGCA Past President Bill Love, ASGCA, designed the golf course

at the Carolina Colours development in New Bern, North Carolina

Photo: Preston Development Company