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ith local fish populations

in decline, the village of

Ingonish Beach in Nova

Scotia, Canada, had a problem. Its

entire economy revolved around the

fishing industry, and was in danger

of dying out as yields from its daily

ocean excursions fell.

The year was 1938 and the answer to

the community’s problem was golf. The

popularity of the sport was gathering

pace throughout North America and

the fabulous landscape where the Cape

Breton National Park meets the Atlantic

could be an irresistible draw for golfers

from far and wide.

Golf architect Stanley Thompson

was hired by the Canadian

Government, and he set to work on

Highlands Links, a course that would

make the very best of a beautiful

canvas and to this day remains one of

the world’s finest. The construction

of the course provided work for the

village’s population and, for over 75

years now, the club has been an asset

to the local community—providing a

source of employment and attracting

Today’s developers

continue to recognize

the appeal of golf,

as Toby Ingleton