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hat is it to be part of a community? For some, it is a sense of

togetherness and mutual support, for others the opportunity for

social interaction or access to shared amenities. For most it is

probably some combination of each of these, and more.

While developers look to golf for a financial return on investment, the

appeal for residents is often golf’s ability to deliver these attributes that make

a community.

It is clear from our cover story that a major appeal of golf—and one of

the reason that developers are continuing to build it into their projects—is

its ability to bring people together. As a golfer, you can learn more about

a person during a round of golf than you can in a year’s worth of passing

conversations. It creates enduring friendships. And it’s not just golfers

who benefit. A clubhouse and related facilities can provide a range of other

activities—social events, a pool, tennis, or dining—to appeal to a broad

spectrum of people throughout the community it serves, and beyond.

The golf course itself can contribute to the local community too—it serves

as a green space buffer, and plays an important role in water management

within a development.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Steve Smyers, ASGCA


American Society of Golf Course Architects



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ASGCA Past President Bill Love designed

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Photo: Preston Development Company.

Investing in community

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