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By Design


they really hit the ball. Take into account

the trajectory of their shots. Consider

the number and length of forced carries

and the locations of cross-hazards.

As for everyone, wind conditions and

firmness of ground impact playability.

Try to make the size of scoring tees

similar to the others on the course—at

Pelican’s Nest, the scoring tees are

at least 25 by 25 feet (to match the

turning radius of a triplex) so the golf

course superintendent can manage

them cost-effectively and time-effectively.

The scoring tees should blend

seamlessly with the existing contours

so they appear to have been part of

the original design. Scoring tees allow

more players to follow the USGA/PGA’s

encouragement to ‘tee it forward.’ We’ve

seen that once players experience better

scores because they can more often

reach the greens in regulation, they are

less interested in going back to a longer

course. Enthusiastic participation will

almost surely result in increased pace

of play and rounds played as well as in

greater satisfaction by the members.

What else would a club need

to consider?

It’s important to have club leaders

who believe in the concept because

they want members and guests to

have fun, and who have the passion

to implement the idea. If finances

do not permit creating scoring tees

for every hole, the club can begin

with a loop of a few holes that return

to the clubhouse or some such

convenient arrangement. Once you’ve

built scoring tees you need to have

programs and cheerleaders who will

use and promote the use of the tees.

With enthusiastic encouragement by

the club’s leadership, particularly the

golf pro, results can come quickly.

Clubs can adapt or devise their

own events for these tees and

provide added entertainment and

enjoyment for the members. At

Pelican’s Nest they schedule and

promote events from the scoring

tees that include all players such as

‘Five-iron Fridays.’ And on ‘Three-

club Thursdays’ you and your chums

go out with whatever three clubs you

want. How much fun is that?!

For more on scoring tees, download

the PGA of America’s guidebook

Setting Up Golf Courses for Success


. And for good

advice on introducing scoring tees at

your club, find an ASGCA member at


At the par-four 13th, the scoring tee placement means

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