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Photos: NCR Country Club

A short game solution

A new short game facility at the historic NCR Country Club provides

members with a place to practice while also addressing flood problems


he NCR Country Club in

Kettering, Ohio, has a highly-

rated 36 holes of golf designed by

Dick Wilson, but was without a credible

short game and learning center.

The club commissioned Hurdzan Golf

Design to help address this shortcoming.

Several possible sites on the property,

which is the drainage terminus for a

massive urban area, were identified as

possible locations for the facility. These

included an unused 10-acre parcel of land

that had little use because it would flood

several feet deep, several times per year—to

the extent that it had been affectionately

named ‘Lake Louise’ by members.

ASGCA Past President Dr. Michael

Hurdzan, ASGCA, and his partner Dr.

Christopher Hurdzan knew the area

would challenge their drainage expertise

and golf course design skills, but could

see its potential.

The designers first had to determine the

velocity, volume, frequency, and duration

of flood events, as well as where and what

proportion of drainage entered the site.

Next they established high-water flood

elevation, and then began a backward-

planning design process of flood

containment detention and programmed

release. The final drainage product

consisted of three separate and sculpted

dry detention basins, connected by pipes

and surface swales to a point where a

pumping plant could move the water

off-site. A short-game center was designed

on an area between the basins, where the

ground was elevated by spoil from the

basins. The center consists of five half-

size greens, a two-acre bentgrass practice

fairway—surrounded by bluegrass rough

and punctuated by bunkers—including

a 10,000 square feet centerpiece bunker.

They also designed parking for cars and

golf cars for members to access the facility.

Members now just help themselves to a

bag of balls to drop wherever they want to

practice, collecting them when finished,

and leaving the bag for another member

to use. The popular facility is the first sight

to greet members and guests from the

entrance drive, allowing the club to make

a spectacular opening impression.

The drainage system works perfectly. The

facility can be used almost immediately

after a rain event, with the ponds formed

within the three basins creating water

hazards for the short practice holes.


Kettering, Ohio

Golf course architect:

Dr. Michael Hurdzan,

ASGCA Past President

Hurdzan Golf Design

Project summary:

NCR Country

Club had no short game facility,

and a flood problem on some

open space reasonably close to

the clubhouse. Both issues have

been addressed, resulting in a

world-class golf practice and

learning facility that can be used

immediately after rain events.


Topp Shape

(construction); Century

Equipment (irrigation);

Norfleet, Brown & Petkewicz


NCR Country Club